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A Guide on Termite Droppings
Discovering termite droppings on the furniture can be a source of worry to most homeowners. Termite frass is an indication of an active termite infestation. Once the termite found an ideal wood material to infest, they will be entering the interior of the wood and will never leave until they reach their maturity. The drywood termite will be able to find all things that they need inside the wood.

What Do Termite Droppings Look Like?
Usually, the homeowner that will come across the termite droppings will mistook it for sawdust. You will simply clean it up and ignore the real problem. However, by learning the difference between their appearances, you will be able to stay away from expensive repairs. One of the differences between the termite frass and the saw dust would be their shape. In case you have poor eyesight, you might need to use a magnifying glass to have a better view of the object. The droppings of the termite will be in granular form that may vary in terms of color. In some instances it may have a pale color; there are also times that it can have a dark coffee tint. On the contrary, the saw dust will appear like small shavings. They also have a more uniformed color.

Are Termites Droppings Harmful?
Termite Feces are not considered harmful. However, it is still not advisable to handle them especially without the instructions of the professionals. While it may not pose any health or safety risk, you should still avoid cleaning the termite frass on your own. Some people can develop allergic reaction and skin irritation when exposed to the room with termite feces.

What to Do If I Found a Termite Frass in My House?
In case you find termite droppings close to the wood materials and you are still not sure whether this is a sign of termite infestation, you need to look for other signs. Some of the additional signs of their infestation include the discarded wings. The alates or the swarmers will discard their wings after the mating process. You can also use a screwdriver and tap on the wood where you found the termite frass. If it produces a hollow-type of noise, then termites are probably inside the wood.

Where Can I Find Termite Frass?
Most of the time, you will encounter the feces of the termite on your window sill. You may also discover them on obscure areas of your house. Sadly, once the drywood termites kick their frass out of their nest, it can end up in the other part of your house. This makes the detection process a bit complicated. To ensure that all areas will be covered during the inspection, we recommend hiring the service of the professionals once you discover the termite dropping in your house. Acting immediately can help you stay away from severe infestation and costly repairs. The professionals will apply different types of treatments that will ensure that your house is safeguarded from the attack of the termite.